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Most musicians in India compromise on their art because music is not perceived as a viable career option. As a result of which, there’s a big difference between the number of personnel needed and those present for a healthy music scene.
Today, musicians are realizing that there are opportunities to pursue music as a full time career. MusicLab presents you with another novel way to make music a part of your life.

As part of the MusicLab program, we offer aspiring musicians a training program in the Avid educational range of software. Join now and…

• Experience the power and ease of creating music with technology.
• Train in some of the most widely used music education software like Sibelius 6.
• Learn music through drill based, ear training software like Musition and Auralia.
• Grasp heavy music theory with the use of software like Groovy Music and Starclass.
• Learn the intricacies of setting up a music laboratory from scratch.
• Become a life long resource to MusicLab and assist us in whatever capacity you want to.
• Rediscover music through technology.

Once a certified MusicLab trainer, two career options present themselves to you. The first is to be placed at a MusicLab facility at one of our registered schools to head the program or to assist the current facilitator in running the school’s music program. The other is to become a resource of MusicLab and assist us with our training programs, setting-up of other training facilities around the country and even becoming account managers for MusicLab.

Besides the above mentioned opportunities, this is an exceptional chance to use technology to rediscover music through education.

You’re one step closer to finding the career you always dreamed of! Please fill out following details to help us find the best suited role for you and to receive a callback within 24 hours.

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