MusicLab offers you a range of exclusive products at great prices to meet every music education need. This includes a fully functional, ready-to-use Music Laboratory that is comprised of:

  • Networked teacher-to-student computers that help to monitor and control progress and ensures a virtual one-on-one learning atmosphere. These hardware solutions are provided by companies like Apple and Dell, among others.
  • Relevant software, from the Avid educational range, makes learning music easy and fun. The software bundle of Sibelius, Musition, Groovy Music, Auralia and Sibelius Starclass all meet US and UK standards of grade certification
  • Western music notation software that is adaptable to Indian music and allows for a holistic music education.
  • Musical instruments from Hohner – Germany, available exclusively through MusicLab at special educational discounts.
  • MIDI keyboards from M-Audio that provide a single platform for the multiple tasks of writing, recording and performing music.



The computer is integral to the concept of MusicLab. It is the platform on which the integration between musical instruments and technology takes place.
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The versatility of the ProKeys Sono 61 is perfect for musicians with the multiple needs of writing, recording and performing. The portable digital piano
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Besides being surprisingly affordable the EH 150’s manage to churn out a spatial and subtle sound. The noise dampening function makes them a great choice for people on the go.
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The latest version of the most widely used music notation software by music professionals around the world. A number of innovative features in Sibelius 6 make scoring music easier than ever before.
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Sibelius Groovy Music is an easy and fun way to introduce music to primary school children. It consists of three programs, each of which is designed to be used by a different age group.
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Drill based ear training package, Auralia and Musition are by far the most comprehensive out there with over 40 topics. By leading you through a number of graded exercises, they present << >>

Sibelius Starclass is a packaged music curriculum that gives full customization control and guidance in over 180 ready-to-use lesson plans. It supports
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Our partnership with Hohner Musikinstrumente allows us to provide schools with a wide range of quality musical instruments at very affordable prices.


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