MusicLab prides itself on the ability to offer an assortment of vital and often neglected services. They include:

  • Designing of the lab around the available space with suitable furniture so you have an
    operational music facility as soon as possible.
  • Comprehensive hardware and software installation.
  • Continuous, timely and expert technical support that makes sure your music laboratory is always fully functional.
  • Specialized training packages for your music staff in the use of MusicLab tools.
  • Certified MusicLab trainers to assist your music staff so you won’t have to worry about the technicalities of running the music facility.
  • Lesson plans to aid your teachers. These plans are highly customizable, even ensuring smooth integration into an existing curriculum.

All of these services are designed to make sure that integration of the MusicLab program is swift and seamless and leaves you to concentrate on what you do best; teach!


Happening @ Musiclab

  • Moved to bigger, newer, more professional looking office. There's only upwards to go from here! 2010-10-22
  • Come to the conclusion that we're more of a 'slow boil broth' than a 'microwave dinner'. But the taste..... 2010-09-03
  • More updates...